Dirt Bike Tours

Day Trip

We charge USD80 per day, per rider. This includes bike rental, protective gear (helmet, elbow, knee guards, gloves, boots, and roost deflector or body armor) and guide and all his expenses.

Not include:

- Fuel, food and drinks

- We don't have insurance for rider or bike.

- Day trips start and end from Sihanoukville, Kampot or Kep.

-If the rider likes to end the tour in different town than the starting place, extra $30 adding to the cost of the tour.

Day Trip One (Start from Sihanoukville)

This is called Sihanoukville Bay ride. It's around 130km. It's 75% off road and single trails. It could be sandy, muddy and rocky.

Waterfall ride, ride through Ream National park, Mangrove trail, Otres Beach and Otres hill ride are all included in this day trip.

Day Trip Two (Strat from Kampot/Kep)

This is a classic Cambodian day trip. We start the trip from charming river town is called Kampot or breeze Kep. Both towns are approximately 23km apart. One is river town and other is by sea.

Ride up to Bokor national park and Casino, Kep national park, pepper plantations, caves and beautiful French colonial buildings and ruins are the main attractions.

This trip is 50% off road and rest is paved road.

Multiple day trips

We charge USD80 per day, per rider. This includes bike rental, protective gear (helmet, elbow, knee guards, gloves, boots, and roost deflector or body armor) and guide and all his expenses.

Not include:

- Fuel, accommodation food and drinks

- We don't have insurance for rider or bike.

South Coast (3 days and 2 nights)

Explore some beaches and waterfalls around Sihanoukville before heading to Kampot town. The road to the abandoned French Hill station, Bokor, located just outside Kampot, is great ride or hike to the top. Boating and tubing are some watersport options in Kampot. Next head to the quiet, charming town of Kep to see colonial ruins, temples and caves. When we coming back to Sihanoukville we ride through the Mangrove trial to Ream National Park.

Day 1 - Camping on Top of Bokor Mountain or Staying guesthouse on the Kampot River

Day 2 - Kep

Day 3 - Back to Sihanoukville

Tour start from Sihanoukville around 9a.m and ride around 6 to 8 hours a day with many stops.

After first day leaves 8am every morning and finishes day around 5p.m.

Cardamon Mountains Trips

This challenging ride through dense jungle offers a chance to explore the rainforest of Koh Kong. Ride through Sre Amble and Jipaht on the way to Veal Veng and Pursat, Pailin or continue to Koh Kong town for hiking and island exploring. Koh Kong has some of the best waterfalls in South East Asia. On the ride, you'll visit hot springs and rapids, and see some of the diverse wildlife living in the rainforest. Dirt biking in Caradamon Mountains is one the most difficult ride you can do in Cambodia. We actually in our own. We don't get much help because villagers are too faraway or difficult to get. The accomadation will be camping or stay in villagers house so we will bring mossi net with hammock with us. Food will be simple Asian food. We carry water purification tablets. Most of the trails are single trails and covered from bushes or trees. Sometimes our ridding speed is less than 7kmh so it takes long time to get there where we want to go. We have to ride whole day but we stop a lot and relax and enjoy the nature. It's all about ridding and nature. There are few trips we organize in Caradmaon Mountains.

Trip one: 3 nights 4 days

Day 1 - Heading up to Bokor Mountain in Kampot. We will take dirt road, railway trek and little mangrove trail to get there. Bokor is the abandoned French hill station and 1000m high. There's new road to get to up but we will explore around the mountain. We try to stay top otherwise we will stay in Kampot, charming river town.

Day 2 - Kirirom National park. We will cross HW3 to HW4. We ride form single trail to dirt road. Will be muddy and sandy but fun. We will stay in national park.

Day 3 - We gonna cross kirirom National park to Jipat village and home stay . This is a great ride lots of river crossings. It's a big day ride very challenging single trail and lots of technical ridding. hill climbing, rocks, sand, rivers everything is our way but it's the best.

Day 4 - We gonna head back to sihanoukville following coast line. It's a easy day ride. We will spend some time in fishing villagers for a drink too.

  • Day 1: Kampot
  • Day 2 : Kirirom National park
  • Day 3: Home stay Kamlot village inside Caradamon mountains
  • Day 4: Back to Sihanoukville.

Trip Two (4 nights 5 days)

Day 4: Same trip we extend to Koh Koh. Start from Jipat we will take smuglars trails to Kohkong 700m to climb on enduro trail. Hard day work and need some team works

Day 5: Back to Sihanoukville

Trip 3 (5 nights 6 days)

Same as above but day 5 we extend our smuglars trail up to Osame village. Village is on 700m elevation. We've seen some elephants, dears, small black bares and wild cats on these trails. This wild trail is great deal for riders!

Day 6: Back to Sihanoukville

There are lots of options to continue your trip up to Prusat, Kompong Channang, Battambang or Paillin. The Cardamon Mountains is huge and so many good trails.

Trip 4 (6 nights 7 days)

Day 1 - Start from Sihanoukvill head up to Srey Amble then Kamlot. Trail is sandy but we will see one of the best water fall in cardamons.

Day 2 - From Kamlot to Russei Chrum. This very challenging steep climb up to 800 m and go down. Very technical.

Day 3 - Russei Chrum to Osam. Another technical ride 130km single dirt track with 3 rivers to cross.

Day 4 - Osam to Veal Veng. Easy ride with a dirt road.

Day 5 - Veal Veng to Pailin. Another single track with more ridding.

Day 6 / 7 Get back to Sihanoukville. I think we are tired now. We need easy ride and good places to stay and food.

Mekongt Trail (6 nights 7 days)

Follow the Mekong River through the heart of Cambodia to catch a glimpse of Cambodian life and culture. From Kampong Cham, head to Chhlong, Kratie and Stung Treng. The ride winds through rice patties and small traditional villages. From Stung Treng, head east to the rolling hills of Ratanikiri to see waterfalls and volcanic freshwater lakes. Stay in the quaint town of Ban Lung and breathe in the cool mountain air. From there, either head back to Phnom Penh or go on to the unique Mondulkiri province through Lumphat and Koh Nhek, arriving in Sen Monorom.

Day 1: start from Phnompenh and follow the Mighty Mekong river all the way up to Kratie.Spend night at Kratie and next day morning we will do a trip to see fresh water dolphins in Mekong.

Day 2: easy ride up to Stung Trang

Day 3: Ratanikiri (the ridding through rubber plantations and jungles, muddy, sandy hill rids make interesting day) we stay in Ban Lung after long day ride.

Day 4: Exploring day at Ratanikiri province. Waterfalls, volcanic lakes, tribes and lot more to explore.

Day 5: Heading towards Lumphat, millions of sandy trails make you loose your ways! This fun cow trail goes to Moundulkiri Province. We try to made to Sen Monorom to spend a night.

Day 6: Exploring day at Moundulkiri province.

Day 7: Back to Phnompenh.

Mekong and Temple Tour

Day 1 - Kratie (170km) - We ride along the Mekong river. Kratie is quite Mekong river town. Place to watch Irrawaddy dolphins.

Day 2 - Sen Monorom (230km) - Sandy to hill trails and dirt roads. This hill town is located in Moundulkiri Province has waterfalls, tribal villages, national parks.

Day 3 - Kampong Cham (240km) - Easy ride to river town. We will pass few small villages that offer different experience.

Day 4 - Kampong Thom (120km) - Ride through big rice paddy and rubber plantation, dirt road to single trek.

Day 5 - Preh Khan Temples (140km) - Ancient Angkorian road , this trail could be muddy and sandy. It's called route 66.

Day 6 - Siem Reap ($150km) - follow the 2nd half of Ancient Highway through Angkorian bridges, old villages and ruins.

This whole trip is 30% single trails, 40% dirt roads and the rest is paved. There are lots of nature and wild life, Angkorian ruins and temples, colourfull cambodian life style, different food and drinks all will meet you on this trip.

Temple Tour (4 nights 5 days)

See the Angkorian ruins that are off the tourist track and explore four different provinces in Cambodia. We often ride along the ancient route built centuries ago to travel between temples. From Kampong Thom, head to TBeng Meanchey and Preah Vihear, an important town in the history of the Khmer Rouge. Next visit Anlong Veng, Oddar Meanchey and Banteay Meanchey.

Day 1: Start from SiemReap and heading to Preh Khan Temples. We will take route 66, the ancient angkorian road that still used. Lots of ancient bridges and dams. Camp at Preh Khan temple site.

Day 2: Preh Vihear, continue our ancient route to great Preh Vihear temples.

Day 3: Kompong Thom.

Day 4: Kompong Chame

Day 5: back to Phnom Penh along Mekong river.

Other expenses that rider has to pay day by day

Accommodation prices are from $7-$10(fan room) - $15-$25(A/C) in most of the places.

We stop at the best restaurants in all these town. There are lots of good Asian restaurants. Meals are from $3-7.

Drinks: Water 1L=$.75 1, Coke=$1, Beer Can=$1-1.50 Big Bottle beer =$2-4

Petrol: $1.45/L It's one of our main headache because petrol price changing a lot. We can ride around 15km per litter.

We will have guide / mechanic. They all can speak English and Khmer.

The support truck will be $150 per a day include everything

It's easy to pay things as you go, you have more options and we will help you to get the best deals on accommodation and food.

If you think it's too much ridding we can take out some part of destinations. You can also plan the trip day by day while you ridding. We can book accommodation in all these places just day before we get there.

Cold beer and soft drink are not a problem, everywhere is available. Kratie, Sen Monorom, Ban Lung and Bathambang have few western cuisines but mostly Asian food. There are multi cuisines at Siemreap, Kampot, Kep, Sihanoukville and Phnompenh.

If we take support vehicle we also have a extra bike as a back up, carry your all luggage's and supply of your favorite snack and drinks too.